Henna Brows Editable Training Manual

Henna Brows Editable Training Manual

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The Henna Brows Editable Training Manual can be used as a training resource when teaching Henna Brow techniques.  This manual is fully editable, and you can brand it with your own logo.

Details of the manual

This manual includes:

  • Course details; aim, objectives, accreditation, insurance, medical disclaimer.
  • Contact details.
  • Salon hygiene.
  • Legislation.
  • What Henna Brows are.
  • Information about how long Henna Brows last. 
  • How to prepare for performing the treatment.
  • Contraindications. 
  • Contra-actions. 
  • Anatomy & physiology. 
  • Hair growth stages. 
  • Client record cards. 
  • General data protection regulation (GDPR). 
  • Eyebrow shapes. 
  • Face shapes. 
  • Brow mapping.
  • Aftercare. 
  • How to perform the treatment. 
  • How to wax brows. 
  • Tips. 

Format: Microsoft Word.